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Don't Fall Behind on Spring 2012's Hottest Supplements

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This is a great time to start thinking about what’s going to make your product line shine this upcoming spring season. Springtime brings warmer weather and more health-conscious mindsets, meaning consumers are more motivated during these months to get active, eat healthy, and use supplements. Start off the New Year right by cashing-in on some of spring 2012’s hottest supplement trends and ingredients.

Workout Products

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a trainer, or just an everyday health enthusiast, the sports nutrition market holds a big opportunity for supplement manufacturers during the springtime. Some athletes train year-round, but most people take it easy during the winter and wait for spring to pick up their workout regimens again. A sales boost in spring 2012 can be predicted for pre-and-post workout supplements, especially protein powders because of their custom formulation and various flavor options. Some “hot” ingredients to be on the lookout for include whey protein, dextrose, creatine, glutamine, and l-argine.

Diet Products

Spring is one of the most common times people try to lost weight because it’s that in-between time right after the holidays and right before the summer. Despite all the skepticism around weight loss supplements, a recent market research report predicts the U.S. market for weight loss aids to be valued at $310 billion by 2014. Popular weight loss and detox products include metabolism support, carb products, colon cleansers, pro-and-pre biotic combinations, and herbal tea powders.

Allergy Products

In addition to wanting to work out more and losing weight, one of the most common troubles of the spring season is allergies. According to a 2006 survey, a combined estimate of 25 million adults and children suffer from hay fever during the spring. Sales’ trends show that consumers are more geared towards herbal and natural supplements for their weather-related allergy needs. Vitamin C, nettle, glucomannan, N-acetyl (NAC), licorice root, lycopene, and pinebark are some great ingredients to consider for your anti-allergen supplements.

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